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Ningbo Fangyuan has been appraised “Small and Medium Enterprise Credit Rating AAA” for four consecutive years.
   Category: Corporation News    2010-08-19 11:57:48

Small and Medium Enterprise Credit assessment system is the “ID card” for the enterprise to gain effective credit and the passport to raise funds in financial market. The system aims at solving problems of fund-raising difficulty for small and medium enterprise. There are seven grades, the supreme is AAA and CCC is the lowest.

Ningbo Fangyuan was awarded small and Medium Enterprise Credit Rating AAA grade for the 4th time in 2010.it reflects Fangyuan strong capital capability and excellent management with great positive impact to foreign economic cooperation and capital operation. FY always attaching much importance on asset structure, financial status, cash flows optimization and the credit system construction AAA credit will continue improving our credibility to get more financial institutions support. A great power for Fangyuan’s future development

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